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Merriam Park Neighbors for Peace to Present Nonviolent Communication Trainer Susan Skye


St. Paul, MN – April 14, 2003 – On Tuesday, April 22, 2003, at 7:00 p.m., Merriam Park Neighbors for Peace will host a presentation by Twin Cities resident and nonviolent communication trainer, Susan Skye. The event, Nonviolent Communication: Maintaining Peace on the Home Front in a Time of War, will be held at St. Mark's School (corner of Dayton and Prior Avenues, St. Paul) in the cafeteria, and is free and open to the public.

Like many activists opposed to the war in Iraq, members of Merriam Park Neighbors for Peace have experienced hostility by proponents of the war, who often appear at marches, vigils, and other peace activities to counter-demonstrate. Several members of the group recently had their "Say NO to War with Iraq" lawn signs stolen or vandalized. In an effort to facilitate positive communication with war proponents, the group turned to Skye. "We want to be able to discuss our position with the other side in a peaceful, civilized manner," says Merriam Park Neighbors for Peace co-founder, Anne Benson. "The last thing we want is another 'war' on the home front."

Skye is affiliated with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (, a global organization whose vision is a world where everyone's needs are met peacefully. CNVC facilitates the creation of life-serving systems by teaching the process of NVC (Nonviolent Communication), which strengthens the ability of people to compassionately connect with themselves and one another, share resources, and resolve conflicts.

Since 1976, Skye has developed and led trainings in a variety of self-development areas. In addition, Skye has a private consulting and coaching practice. She has been a certified trainer for the CNVC since 1994 and is currently the CNVC Certification Coordinator for North and South America.

For further information about the April 22, 2003, Nonviolent Communication presentation sponsored by Merriam Park Neighbors for Peace, please visit the group's web site at or contact:

Susan Damon

Phone: (651) 645-7709


Anne Benson

Phone: (651) 647-0580


Krista Menzel

Phone: (651) 641-7592


For further information about a two-day NVC training event, Breaking Through Communication Barriers: Resolving Conflict Through Connection, to be presented by Susan Skye in the Twin Cities on April 26 and 27, 2003, please visit the Twin Cities Nonviolent Communication web site at or contact Susan Skye before April 15 or after April 20:

Susan Skye

Phone: (952) 470-1421


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